Things to Consider When Deciding to Keep or Remove Your Landline

New Packages have arrived!  What does that mean?  More Options… new options… for you to choose from!  These new options include packages without a landline phone or keeping it.  How do you know what package is right for you?  That’s something only you and your family can decide. Below are a few things to think about that can help you in deciding what’s best for you and your family. 
Things to Consider When Deciding to Keep or Remove Your Landline Phone
Your Stage of Life. Everyone is at a different stage of life. Different people have different needs. The stage of life could be a factor in your decision on whether to keep or remove your landline phone. Older adults who grew up using a landline and only use it now to make calls, may want to keep their landline phone. Some may remove their landline as they have gotten accustom to using a cell phone to make calls. Other adults and parents of high school or college students may find family members or their kids only use cell phones as a means of communicating and would drop the landline to allocate that money to faster internet speeds for streaming movies or gaming.  Parents and guardians of young children may find that they are split on the topic.  Some may want to remove their landline to save money and others may use the savings and put it toward a package with faster internet speed. Other parents may want to keep a landline for children too young to have cell phones to call a parent in case of an emergency or for a sitter to use who may be watching their children at their home. Young adults who grew up in the Age of Cell Phones find themselves choosing to use their cell phones over a landline phones. They have said they would rather have higher faster internet speed.

Your Calling Behavior.  How much do you using your landline phone currently?  How often do you pick up and use your landline phone to make a call. If your answer is “often” or “all the time”, then it would make sense to keep the landline phone. If your answer is “hardly” or “never” then it would make sense to save yourself the money for someone who is in the habit of using only their cell phone to make calls.

Saving Money. If you are looking to save money, removing a landline phone can do just that. How much you’ll save depends on your current voice service and what calling features you currently have.

Everything has Risk. Although there is some risk being landline-free, having only cordless phones in the home in the event of a power outage too has risk without power to cordless phones.  A hard-wired landline phone is the most reliable option.

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*Note:  Not all services are available.  Digital Voice, a landline alternative, requires up to 10 Mb of internet speed and is not available in all areas.