We provide high-quality voice, video, and internet services to our customers at the best possible value, while giving each of our customers the personal attention they deserve.

Our History

RC Technologies has served northeastern South Dakota for 60 years. Since 1956, our promise to our customers is to provide the best telecommunication services at the lowest possible cost, while giving them the service and support they deserve. RC Technologies prides itself for being one of northeastern South Dakota’s telecommunication experts. We’ve been here for the customers in the past, are here for the present, and will remain for the future.

Board of Directors

  • Robert Meyer – President
  • Jeffrey Bartnick – Vice President
  • Keith Bostrom – Secretary
  • Judi Fritz – Treasurer
  • William Koeppe
  • Daren Medenwald
  • Thomas Bisek


  • Scott Bostrom, General Manager
  • Noah Nissen,  IT Manager
  • Colin Bronson, Operations Manager
  • Steven Bostrom, Combination Technician
  • Ray DeGreef, Combination Technician
  • Gary Magnuson, Combination Technician
  • Chris Braun, Combination Technician
  • John Magilke, Combination Technician
  • Ryan Saxton, Wireless Technician
  • Sheila Brandell, Technical Support
  • Robin Thoreson, Accounting Manager
  • Teri Minar, Accounting Assistant
  • Wanda Heesch, Billing & Customer Care Manager
  • Rachel Bartnick, Customer Care Consultant
  • Melissa Krueger, Customer Care Consultant
  • Amy Ceroll, Customer Care Consultant
  • Amy Ochs, Sales & Marketing Manager
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