The holidays are just around the corner! Now’s the time to get your Home’s Internet ready for holidays, family, house guests, their devices… and latest tech gifts!

Here are some things to get you ready!

1. Make a list of the current number of devices using Wi-Fi. Your list should include the number of Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Smart TVs and Virtual Assistants such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.

2.  Are you streaming… gaming.. or maybe see it in your future?  Today’s gaming has high resolution graphics needing more bandwidth or higher speeds. If you are streaming, increase bandwidth can mean less waiting things like movies to download.  If you’re gaming, you will have less lag time maybe the thing to conquer getting to the next level of play.

3.  Does your Internet package match your Household Needs?  Think about how your family was using technology two years ago versus how you are using it now. In the last two years, you may have added a laptop or tablet..  upgraded or added a Smart Phone.  You may have a student just now starting to use  Wi-Fi at home for their school work.  Things change and so does your Internet usage.

you are going to want to check your current Internet package to see if you are able to increase these speeds.It IS possible that over the last year or two you have outgrown your current network package with how you are using it. You may have added a device or are streaming more.  Call RC at 637-5211 to find out what package upgrades are available in your area.